The Communication Track

…If you’re passionate about the good story

At the Communication Track, you will work with all aspects of modern communication. You will learn how to write in order to be heard, and how to tell stories through writing, video, and social media.

You will for instance work with

  • Video journalism, including pre-production, filming, and editing. This includes producing content for the school’s own social media pages and website.
  • Journalistic practice activities — you will learn how to frame a story and will be introduced to photographic reporting.
  • Proper language — you will learn how to write clearly and well and will attend several workshops at small and large corporations.
  • Social media — you will learn how to work professionally with social media in, for instance, the music business.

No exam — but you receive a diploma for what you have learned.

Who can attend the Communication Track?

All 1.g. students get the offer to attend the Communication Track. No prior knowledge of journalistic communication or practical experience is required to attend the track.