Natural Science Track

Students at the Natural Sciences Track gather at a workshop once a month. Most of the time, these workshops are “open labs” where we invite the students to participate in a variety of experiments within the Natural Sciences and Maths. This provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in, wonder about, or simply “play around” with some of the fun experiments we do not have time for in our daily work where theory takes up a lot of our time.

Examples of workshops are

  • Astronomy night
  • Cream production
  • Building a hot air balloon
  • DNA purification
  • Catch the killer, using DNA evidence
  • Chaos and fractals on the computer
  • Building rockets

In addition to our own experiments, we also go on trips to companies and institutions where we experience the natural sciences used in practice or research.

Who can attend the Natural Science Track?

All students in D-classes are automatically accepted to the Natural Sciences Track — meaning through the natural sciences programme.