The Theatre Track

…If you’re passionate about theatre

Join the Theatre Track and your time in gymnasium will be filled with exciting challenges to your abilities on stage as well as your creativity and ability to produce theatre — all in the company of your theatre buddies.

At the Theatre Track, we produce five performances in close collaboration with the city’s theatres during the three years. We invite you to join rehearsals for future theatre performances, do workshops with professional actors and directors, and even put on our own versions of current performances straight from the stages of Copenhagen.

At the Theatre Track, you may explore the art of theatre as an actor, director, light designer, set designer, or playwright, always motivated by our own inspiration and enthusiasm. You do not need to have any prior experience with theatre performance, but your determination will be key!

At the Theatre Track, you will build a special relationship with your fellow students in the track across class and year. We often take trips, attend many performances, and are active participants in the city’s theatre community.

Who can attend the Theatre Track?

Anybody can attend the Theatre Track and you do not need any prior experience with theatre to apply. The only requirement is a desire to have fun experiences with theatre!