School year and organization



The STX programme is a three year programme consisting of

  • An introductory programme for the first three months.
  • A specialized study programme for the following 2 2/3 years.

In the first three months, the introductory programme is common for all students. Towards the end of the introductory programme, the student chooses a specialized study programme and elective subjects. A specialized study programme consists of 2-3 specialized study programme subjects as well as compulsory and elective subjects.

The introductory programme

The introductory programme consists of 3 months of introduction to the subjects, work methods and specialized study programmes at IJG.

The introductory programme forms the basis of the students choice and completion of the specialized study programme.

An exceptional offer at IJG

At IJG, you have the opportunity to provide your upper secondary school leaving examination with an extra dimension. We offer 4 programmes within the creative and scientific field: Theatre, Music, Journalism and Science.